Gobustan and Mud Volcanoes Tour

Gobustan National Park is one of Azerbaijan’s most popular sights that attracts thousands of tourists annually. You will spend overall 6 hours in order to enjoy this trip. Visit the Mud Volcanos near Gobustan State Reserve where has more than 600,000 rock paintings, which depict primitive men, animals, battle-pieces, ritual dances, bullfights, boats with armed oarsmen, warriors with lances in their hands, camel caravans, pictures of sun and stars, on the average dating back to 5,000-20,000 years. Azerbaijan keeps the first place in the world for the number of mud volcanoes. About 300 mud volcanoes are to be found in Azerbaijan – at the shore, in the sea, and on islands. During this trip, you will get a great chance to see these amazing active volcanoes from very close distance. 

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Gobustan: Outstanding Universal Value
Gobustan National Park is one of Azerbaijan’s most popular sights attracting thousands of tourists annually. Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape covers three areas of a plateau of rocky boulders rising out of the semi-desert of central Azerbaijan, with an outstanding collection of more than 6,000 rock engravings bearing testimony to 40,000 years of rock art. The site also features the remains of inhabited caves, settlements, and burials, all reflecting an intensive human use by the inhabitants of the area during the wet period that followed the last Ice Age, from the Upper Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. The site, which covers an area of 537 ha, is part of the larger protected Gobustan Reservation.
Start your day with a breakfast at your hotel and enjoy a beautiful drive out of Baku to visit the Gobustan National Park. You will travel 64 km southwest of Baku along with the Caspian shore. On the way to Gobustan, you will see the geography of the region covered with volcanic desert, craggy stones, and withered mountains.
The tour will start off from Gobustan Museum where you will see ancient human bones, work tools used in back to thousand years ago during the Mesolithic Period.Then, you will advance to the mountain in order to see real Rock Paintings in the open air museum.
You will also get a chance to marvel at the Mud Volcanoes in the Gobustan Reserve which is home to almost half of the world’s mud volcanoes.Nowhere else in the world are there so many mud volcanoes as in Azerbaijan – which has literally hundreds of these strange things, more than in the rest of the world put together.
While most of Azerbaijan’s many mud volcanoes are way off any tourist routes, the ones near Gobustan are the exception to the rule.
The mud volcanoes of Gobustan are not the biggest specimens of their kind, but they are fascinating all the same. In fact, their comparatively small size has the advantage that you can get right up close – you can even touch the mud if you like (it’s indeed just cold mud, as we can testify). The best bit, however, is just watching the bubbly action. And listening to it. Many of these flatulent little vents make rather suggestive noises.
How much action there will be at any given time will vary a bit, but at the very least you should be able to see some bursting gas bubbles and spluttering ejections of mud from the more virile volcano vents.
Most of them are on the top of cones some 10 to 15 feet (3 to 5 meters) high, but there is also one flat, almost perfectly circular mud lake a bit off the mud volcano cones proper.
 At the end of the Gobustan tour, you will return to Baku. On the way back to Baku, we will have lunch at a local restaurant on the Caspian Sea Coast. After the lunch around 14:00 we will see the Bibi-Heybat Mosque. It is a historical mosque in Baku.
The existing structure, built in the 1990s, is a recreation of the mosque with the same name built in the 13th century by Shirvanshah Farrukhzad II Ibn Ahsitan II, which was completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936. The Bibi-Heybat Mosque includes the tomb of Ukeyma Khanum, and today is the spiritual center for the Muslims of the region and one of the major monuments of Islamic architecture in Azerbaijan. It is locally known as “the mosque of Fatima”, which is what Alexandre Dumas called it when he described the mosque during his visit in the 1840s.
Our tour ends here for today.We will drop off you at your hotel.

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*Choose the date you depart, how long you stay and activities that fit your level of enthusiasm.

* This tour is available all year round.

Departure Time: 10:00

Return Time: 17:00